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October 7 - October 28, 2020

HP Indonesia Feed

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  • I am practicing mindfulness by having less time on social media, and more working out

  • Florence Lai's avatar
    Florence Lai 10/28/2020 2:36 AM
    The beauty of nature... played my role to plant bee-friendly flowers & enjoy them on my work desk.

  • Florence Lai's avatar
    Florence Lai 10/28/2020 2:34 AM
    Loved this journey together to play our role for our planet, and learnt so many more ways to conserve our planet! 

  • Rakhman Hakim's avatar
    Rakhman Hakim 10/27/2020 8:38 PM
    HP Planet Partners Program

  • Nurdi Effendi's avatar
    Nurdi Effendi 10/27/2020 8:32 PM
    I’m taken 90 mins of cycling for 30KM and make me feel more energic

  • Having less time on Social Media and replace it with workout makes me feel happier than before. 
  • Reflection Question
    Simplicity Eat Mindfully
    Mindful eating is healthier for us than eating with distractions. How do your eating experiences differ when practicing mindfulness?

    Michele Huang's avatar
    Michele Huang 10/27/2020 3:19 AM
    Interaction with family with talking instead of using devices

  • Andre Natanael's avatar
    Andre Natanael 10/27/2020 1:54 AM
    Reduced refined sugar is the hardest challenge for me; this challenge makes me think twice every time I want to eat something sweet :)
  • Reflection Question
    Health Eliminate Toxic Plastics
    What single-use items (e.g. straws, coffee cups, vegetable bags, plastic bags) do you regularly use? What could be substituted instead?

    Sutiana Limas's avatar
    Sutiana Limas 10/26/2020 10:27 PM
    i always spare 1 tumbler in my car, just in case needed to buy coffee.

  • To eat healthier, I've been committing to having Smoothie breakfast this week. This has been going for 2 days, but I do feel more energized! I am also working out daily now ;)