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October 7 - October 28, 2020



Collective impact at its best. Explore all participating organizations and their associated teams below.

RANK: 1 NAME: HP Inc. TEAMS: HP Sydney Riders, jeev, Alishe, DebDas, A3EngFW, and 54 more teams TEAMMATES: 2022 TOTAL POINTS: 415061  
RANK: 2 NAME: Delran Middle School TEAMS: Delran Middle School TEAMMATES: 213 TOTAL POINTS: 51498  
RANK: 3 NAME: Walgreens Boots Alliance TEAMS: WBA, Bangkok Team, Shanghai Team, WBA UK Office, WBA Ecochallange A, and 14 more teams TEAMMATES: 207 TOTAL POINTS: 48601  
RANK: 4 NAME: KEEN, Inc. TEAMS: KEEN HQ, KEEN Japan, KEEN Canada, KEEN Europe, KEEN Outside Sales, and 1 more team TEAMMATES: 150 TOTAL POINTS: 44642  
RANK: 5 NAME: Portland Community College TEAMS: Mimi's Team, Team ESR 141, PCC EcoPanthers, PCC SOC 228 - Environmental Sociology TEAMMATES: 121 TOTAL POINTS: 34033  
RANK: 6 NAME: The Hartford TEAMS: The Hartford H.E.A.T, The Hartford Environmental Action Team TEAMMATES: 153 TOTAL POINTS: 31192  
RANK: 7 NAME: All 3form Companies TEAMS: EFI, All Reps, Lightart, 3form Fabrication, 3form Headquarters, and 1 more team TEAMMATES: 133 TOTAL POINTS: 26795  
RANK: 8 NAME: Susquehanna University TEAMS: Alpha Team, Green Team, Sea otters, ddddddddd, SU Sustainability Warriors TEAMMATES: 84 TOTAL POINTS: 25350  
RANK: 9 NAME: CLEAResult Consulting, Inc TEAMS: CLEAResult TEAMMATES: 101 TOTAL POINTS: 22593  
RANK: 10 NAME: Turning Point School TEAMS: Turning Point School - 7th Grade, Turning Point School  Community Leadership TEAMMATES: 90 TOTAL POINTS: 22256  
RANK: 11 NAME: TEAMS: Community Team TEAMMATES: 374 TOTAL POINTS: 21397  
RANK: 12 NAME: Duke Energy TEAMS: GoGetItDone, Dukes of Energy, Carbon Eliminators, Solutions for Sustainability TEAMMATES: 68 TOTAL POINTS: 21252  
RANK: 13 NAME: Columbia Bank TEAMS: Rockwell Inc, Columbia Bank TEAMMATES: 97 TOTAL POINTS: 20876  
RANK: 14 NAME: Comerica Bank TEAMS: Comerica Bank TEAMMATES: 147 TOTAL POINTS: 18178  
RANK: 15 NAME: Idaho National Laboratory TEAMS: EcoINL, Keyes to Saving the Turtles TEAMMATES: 69 TOTAL POINTS: 17436  
RANK: 16 NAME: Hennebery Eddy Architects, Inc. TEAMS: Hennebery Eddy Architects TEAMMATES: 46 TOTAL POINTS: 13544  
RANK: 17 NAME: Washington University in St Louis TEAMS: Ecofamily, Cocaine Hippos, WashU Together, The Coolest Group of People Ever TEAMMATES: 114 TOTAL POINTS: 13051  
RANK: 18 NAME: University of Regina TEAMS: uregina students , University of Regina, Uregina Faculty/Staff TEAMMATES: 175 TOTAL POINTS: 12307  
RANK: 19 NAME: Mayo Clinic TEAMS: Mayo Clinic, Mayo Clinic - Kern Center TEAMMATES: 126 TOTAL POINTS: 12291  
RANK: 20 NAME: Oregon State University TEAMS: La Victoria, OSU Sustainable Communities TEAMMATES: 53 TOTAL POINTS: 11542  
RANK: 21 NAME: Notre Dame AmeriCorps TEAMS: NDA SoCal, NDA SW Ohio, NDA Phil/Wil, NDA Southwest, Northeast Ohio TEAMMATES: 60 TOTAL POINTS: 11265  
RANK: 22 NAME: West Campus High School TEAMS: West Campus Green Team TEAMMATES: 85 TOTAL POINTS: 10308  
RANK: 23 NAME: Sacramento City Unified School District TEAMS: SCUSD Admin, KCIA Green Team TEAMMATES: 83 TOTAL POINTS: 9842  
RANK: 24 NAME: TIG Environmental TEAMS: TIG Environmental - Seattle, TIG Environmental - Portland, TIG Environmental - Syracuse, TIG Environmental - Bedminster TEAMMATES: 29 TOTAL POINTS: 9664  
RANK: 25 NAME: Gerding Edlen Management TEAMS: Team ZO, EMME Chicago, 420 East Ohio Apartments TEAMMATES: 32 TOTAL POINTS: 9455  
RANK: 26 NAME: Portland Community College, Sylvania Campus TEAMS: Environmental Studies 171 Fall 2020 TEAMMATES: 25 TOTAL POINTS: 9110  
RANK: 27 NAME: Neuqua Valley High School TEAMS: NVeco TEAMMATES: 66 TOTAL POINTS: 8562  
RANK: 28 NAME: Saint Louis Zoo TEAMS: Saint Louis Zoo Volunteers TEAMMATES: 27 TOTAL POINTS: 8544  
RANK: 29 NAME: Advanced Learning Academy TEAMS: Advanced Learning Academy TEAMMATES: 95 TOTAL POINTS: 8386  
RANK: 30 NAME: Asheville City Schools TEAMS: Asheville High School TEAMMATES: 118 TOTAL POINTS: 7816